“Carrot cut, elastic ankles”

The SAPPORO is the final version of our ideal “classic cut” sweatpants. It has the right length for it to stay within the norms of a classic fit, the loosened elastic ankles give this piece an elegant feel. The width and looseness of the textile maintain the desired balance between comfort and timelessness. SAPPORO  is made of light “French Terry” textile . Scroll through the images to see this garment.

Appropriate styles : minimal, classic, sweatpants/sweatshirt look, timeless.

Model 1 height 167cm. Size: M.

Model 2 height 188cm. Size: L.


-All of our sweatpants are specifically made to be high quality timeless pieces, they are designed to never die out of fashion.

-PLOUF pieces are all Unisex. Two sizes are shown on each label: Women size and Men size.


Only 2 pieces in stock!

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