“Oversized, Loose”

The amount of work behind the OVERSIZED sweatshirt was worth it. This sweatshirt is a must have item  in every closet. The seamless neck details and timeless feel of this oversized piece are truly remarkable. This garment fits perfectly on any body type, it has all the advantages of an authentic oversized sweatshirt while  maintaining a very elegant look because of its timeless feel. The high quality 65% pure cotton flees textile defines this garment’s thick and semi rigid feel. You can wear the OVERSIZED sweatshirt on jeans, pants, skirts, sweatpants, shorts  in a variety of different styles ranging from minimal, Japanese, streetwear, tone on tone, to sporty, comfy looks. The OVERSIZED sweatshirt is truly a timeless piece. 

Appropriate styles: Oversized, minimal, Japanese, streetwear, sportswear style, chic, loose, tone on tone.


-All of our sweatshirts are specifically made to be high quality timeless pieces, they are designed to never die out of fashion.

-PLOUF pieces are all Unisex. 


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